"Soft Tech Ion Exchange Engineers" firmly believes in supplying the product with top most quality. That's the prime reason why we use the best spares to make sure our R.O Plants, water treatment plant have the defining quality.
All the spare parts are produced using the latest equipments under the intense supervision of most experienced professionals. Following is the list of the spares we use:

R.O Membrane

Soft-tech Ion Exchange Engineers is supplying the complete collection of R.O. Membranes. It is manufactured and executed by the largest industries of the world. Reverse Osmosis Membranes has the great significance in the industrial world. Due to which, there is the immense variety that is being offered to you so that you receive the reverse osmosis membrane that you need with the supreme quality. Read More

Salt Tablets

Salt Tablets are consumed worldwide because they help in balancing the electrolytes in our body. Salt tablet is the solid pill form of salt due to which they are also known as salt pills. We supply salt tablets that are well built and qualifies the quality test. Salt tablets can be helpful to the people who consume a vegan diet or sports people to supplement salt in their diet. It is also having the capacity to cure severe sunburn or leg cramps. We make sure to deliver you the decent quality. Read More

Dosing Chemical

Soft Tech provides finest Dosing Chemicals prepared to remove harmful germs or materials from water. With hyper-intensive power, they display ideal performance in dematerializing water with optimum ease. Read More

FRP Vessel

"Soft Tech Ion Exchange Engineers" Ion Exchange Engineers are the well known and one of the most trusted suppliers of FRP Vessel. We were established in 1996. It best suits your requirement because it contains the variety of useful features. It is utilitarian equipment. It undergoes different quality tests and is verified by the industrialists.

Birm Media

Birm Media is a medium which is used for removing the iron and manganese from raw water supplies in order to make it useable. The products that we supply are manufactured by the supervision of clever engineers. It uses the latest technology of chemical sector and accordingly offers you the advanced Birm Media. With "Soft Tech Ion Exchange Engineers" you only pay for what you need and at economical rates. Read More

Ion Exchange Resin

Ion Exchange Resin is used for several purposes. The most preferable one in the industry is for water filtration and water softening. It is a chemical process that comes with varied functionality. For instance, in water softening it is used to soften the hard water by removing the cations. It also plays the prominent role in water purification to purify the raw water. All in all, it has a wide scope of application. Read More

Sand Media

Sand media is the advanced solution of purifying the filthy water in irrigation and agriculture systems. Its fine design helps in filtering the water with great efficiency. We supply the peerless features of Sand Media that are completely reliable for relatively long term applications. It purifies the water deeply and at the end you get the sanitary water. We have been in the supplying industry since 1996. Our experience and intellectual skills make us the one of the most trustworthy brands of India. Read More

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon is nothing but the heated charcoal. It is used to eliminate unwanted particles from the medium like air and water. Basically, it is a processed form of carbon. Due its porosity, its surface area gets increased which leads to greater surface for chemical reactions. Activated Carbon is used to absorb contaminant particles. We apprehend its significance. Therefore, we supply activated carbon at very reasonable rates with the outstanding quality. Read More