Salt Tablets

Salt Tablets

"Soft Tech Ion Exchange Engineers" manufactures highly effective "Salt Tablets" which are ideal for all types of water softeners. The tablets have the expertise in removing impurities, chemicals and microbiological contaminants from natural water with absolute perfection.

The user-friendly tablets are capable of dealing with any type of water like, tap, brackish, sea etc. Soft waters can be very useful in extending the life of boiler, dishwashers, showers and more. Moreover, they are considered to be pivotal in cleaning skin, removing dryness from skin.

Experts always recommend using soft waters as much as possible. What’s most interesting is that they very handy in maximizing the life of cloths.

Our most experienced professionals test the tablets at several stages of production through advanced mechanism. Taking the various types of water into account, how vicious it can be for human being and how best to eliminate the harmful impurities, we provide the prepare the products accordingly.


  • Hyper-intensive technique
  • Very effective in removing impurities
  • Admirable quality