Mineral Water Plant

We have been manufacturing and supplying mineral water plant machineries for years now. The accumulation of expertise and knowledge has been contributed in the advancement of the technology. The machines of mineral water plants are equipped with the modest technology of today which helps you in multiple ways. These machines are manufactured to provide easy accessibility and well organized working. We make sure to deliver you the excellence. Read More

Water Filtration System

Water Filtration System is the competent procedure which performs the activities to purify the water. The purification is done by removing the constituents in water. It undergoes several biological and chemical processes. We manufacture and supply the high quality machines of Water Filtration System which is able to provide you the result which will satisfy your all desired needs. We are the customer-centric organizations. Therefore, your requirements are valued and fulfilled here with us. You can fully expect a wide variety of water filtration system machines with us.

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Pressure Sand Filter

Multi-Grade Filter

Activated Carbon Filter

Water Filtration System

Water Filtration System

Water Filtration System

Water Filtration System

Micron Filter

The chief objective of Micron Filters is to remove the chemicals and impure & unwanted constituents from water in order to make it useable for various activities. The Micron Filters possess the futuristic quality of accomplishing its intent. It can work rapidly and effectively with easy operation. On the basis of the wide applications sector, it contains different models. The micron filters that we supply are user-friendly with scholar functionality. By using them, the accuracy and the amount of work rate gets significantly enhanced. Read More


PP/PVC Micron Filters

SS Micron Filter

Housing Micron Filter

Micron Filter Cartridge

Disc Filter Azud

Water Softner

Water Softener works on the system which is used to soften the hard water by using the distinctive processes. Hard water affects the water in various ways and makes it less useable in different activities like for drinking, washing the utensils, clothes, etc. But water softening plant alleviates the particles in water like calcium, magnesium and other metal cations. We are the manufacturer and supplier of Water Softeners of high standard which are able to work smoothly and provide effective result. Read More


Industrial Water Softner

Domestic Water Softner

Bunglow Water Softner

Pressure boosting System

Industrial Pressure Boosting System

Domestic Pressure Boosting System

Pressure Boosting System

Pressure Boosting System

Soft-tech Ion Exchanger Engineers understand your spot on requirements. Accordingly, we manufacture and supply you the supreme machines of pressure boosting system. It holds great significance in the industry. It is used to enhance the low pressure in a water system to provide the sufficient water flow and pressure. The full range of Pressure Boosting System's machine is available with us. The efficiency i.e. the ratio of the useful work performed is very high in our products with the sharp accuracy. Read More

Swimming Pool Auto Filtration Plant

We are expert manufacturer and supplier of swimming pool auto filtration plant machineries. Our engineers verify that goods that you receive are fully satisfying your requirements. To achieve this, we undertake various tests to qualify the desired standard. It is extremely important that swimming pool is clean visibly as well as organically. The procedure and the equipments that we use in filtering pool water are well organized. Read More

Ultra Filtration System

We are the manufacturer and supplier of Ultra Filtration System of the elite quality since 1990. Ultra purification system is a very exclusive as it does not use any chemical assistance in the procedure. It only uses physical process. It is extremely ideal to use Ultra Sterilizers for water purification. It provides the features that are very beneficial and easily operational. For instance, Ultra Filtration System makes the use of cleansing ultraviolet light. Read More


Oxygen generators also known as Oxygen Concentrator is used to spread the rich amount of oxygen. The main principle of its work is to accumulate oxygen from the mixture of air and provide oxygen augmented environment. We make sure that we manufacture the oxygen generators that present you the desired results. It is equipped with the standardized features. We are ranked high in manufacturing custom–built oxygen generators. It has a wide scope of use in health care places such as in houses, clinics and hospitals to breathe with ease. Read More

Dosing System

Soft Tech provides finest Dosing Chemicals prepared to remove harmful germs or materials from water. With hyper-intensive power, they display ideal performance in dematerializing water with optimum ease. Read More