Micron Filter Housing

Micron Filter Housing

Soft Tech is the exemplary manufacturer of the most advanced "Micron Filter Housing". Developed on custom design, the superior product is available in several exclusive models.

The standard filter housing is made with stainless steel materials. With sturdy construction, compact design, it has an elegant appearance. The excellent corrosion resistance and tensile strength makes it supremely durable.

The admirable exporter and supplier put special emphasis on having the most innovative technology. The easy to use features not only make it extra-ordinarily convenient but also help it win over customers.

The commendable skill to offer the perfect solution makes the elegant filter housing an inevitable in numerous applications. Being adored for its amazing quality in the global market, the product stands out on every ideal parameter.


  • Superior stainless steel materials
  • Extremely resistant to corrosion & abrasion
  • Rugged construction
  • Numerous user-friendly features
  • Excels in removing chemicals, contaminants and impurities